Almora Ranikhet Kausani Hill Station Beautiful Places, Exciting Adventure

Almora Ranikhet Kausani, Hill Station Beautiful Places

Almora Ranikhet Kausani 

Almora is a municipal board and a cantonment town in the Almora district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Almora district. Almora is located on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalaya range,

at a distance of 363 km (via NH9) from the national capital New Delhi and 415 km via Saharanpur Rd, 351 km via NH109 and 388.6 km via Ambala- Dehradun- Haridwar Rd from the state capital Dehradun.

According to the provisional results of the 2011 national census of India, Almora has a population of 35,513. Nestled within higher peaks of the Himalaya, Almora enjoys a year-round mild temperate climate.

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Chitai temple is devoted to Golu Devta at a distance of 8 kilo meters from Almora. If a wish is fulfilled people hang up little bells in the temple. This is the reason the temple is filled with tiny bells.

Almora Tourist Place

Around the year, tourists come to enjoy the cool and mind-pleasing atmosphere of the town. March to June and September to November are the best periods to fully enjoy the beauty of Almora. The beautiful memories that you carry away while leaving the town will definitely haunt you for a long time.

Almora Ranikhet Kausani

Almora Ranikhet Kausani

Almora Tourist Place

It’s not the scenic beauty that drives tourists to Almora in large number, the hill station is also much popular for its cultural heritage. The town has been a crowd-puller also due to the range of cuisines it has to offer.

Situated at 1,638 m above sea level, Almora is favorite destination for newly wedded couples or honeymooners. It’s one of those tourist places that make the Kumaon region highly popular among travellers.

Given below are some of the most visited tourist attractions you wouldn’t want to miss while in Almora.

List of Almora Tourist Place

Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum
This is one of the tourist destinations in Almora city situated closer to the Almora bus stand. The Pant museum attracts many people who visit to Almora. The museum equips historical and archeology related items which also draws the minds of the tourists in large.

This is the only museum locate in Almora which going to be a must visit for tourists with the passage of time. The most famous “Apen” folk style of the region also installed in side the museum.

Nanda Devi Temple
Nanda Devi shrine is one of the major tourist attractions among the visitors. The area has been a place and patron of local god, goddess and deities. The temple also had a connection with the Chand dynasty. This old temple has immense respect and worthy as well.

The temple is very holy and sacred for the locals who every day comes here for prayer. Images and statute on the walls of the temple also makes it so holy and beautiful to see.

Shiva Temple
Shiva temple is very popular among the tourists in Almora. This is the place where people never forget to take a holy visit. People in huge gatherings come here to take the blessings from the shrine. The temple is circled by the beautiful fur trees. As per the Hindu mythos says that the temple is devoted to the destroyer of the universe.

Almora Fort
Apart from visiting so many sacred temples and shrines one can also see those places that will remind of the medieval period. Almora fort is one of the destinations in Almora to visit. This fort was a asset for the Chand Dynast. After the India got freedom the fort is used as a District Collector’s Office. The fort is situated at the highest point of Almora bazaar.

Chitai Temple
Chaitai temple is devoted to God Golu, the lord golu is worshipped by the inhabitants of Kumaon region. People visit this shrine with lots of hope, they wish to Lord Golu,and when they feel that their wish is fulfilled, they hang up a small bell with the ceiling of the temple.

The place is very demanding and of extreme importance in Almora. This point also presents a magnificent view of mighty Himalaya.

Tamta Mohalla
The Tamta Mohalla is one of the ancient localities in Almora town and belonged to the coppersmiths.

–       Kausani       –

Kausani (Hindi: कौसानी)

is a Hill Station and Village situated in Bageshwar district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is famous for its scenic splendour and its spectacular 300 km-wide panoramic view of Himalayan peaks like Trisul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli.

Mahatma Gandhi called this place the ‘Switzerland of India’, Due to similarity in landscapes.

Uttarakhand is a complete package for sightseers, nature lovers, pilgrims, devotees and tourists. Originally. Kausani is popular by the name of Valna, a Himalayan hilly town sited in Uttarakhand state.

Kausani, situated in Almora district, is located at an altitude of 6075 ft above the sea level. It is a much loved tourist destination for its natural beauty and scenic views of mighty Himalayas. Almora Ranikhet Kausani Hill Station Beautiful Places.

Every year this Switzerland of Indian attracts tourists, pilgrims and others in large number. This area is in between the pine trees at the top of the ridge. It oversees the Someshwar on one side, Garur and Baijnath Katyuri valley on the other side.

The renowned poet Sumitra Nandan Pant was born in Kausani which is also makes it so popular.

There is a Museum which was given the name of the poet when Sumitra had left this world and the museum called “Pant Museum”. The other memorable location in Kausani talks about the Lakshmi Ashram devoted for social services and for women’s welfare.

The maximum temperature in summer rises at 26 degree and minimum is 10 degree celsius. Where in winters the temperature starts from 15 degree and minimum is 2 degree celsius.

Weather remains pleasant but the best time to visit Kausani is March to June. Round the year people come here but specially they should be careful in winters and summers. Almora Ranikhet Kausani Hill Station Beautiful Places.

Kausani Tourist Place

To spend some of your most memorable time in Kausani, you can visit places like Bageshwar, Baijnath, Someshwar, Binsar, Ranikhet, Mukteshwar, Nainital, Almora, Lakshmi Ashram, Kausani Tea Estate and Anasakti Ashram. People can make a trip throughout the year. Kausani is also a treasure trove of picturesque tea gardens, a real feast to the eye.

Tourist Attractions Kausani
Anashakti Ashram is a quiet and revered place where Mahatma Gandhi spent some days and wrote his commentary of Anashkti Yog.The KMVN (Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam) resthouse in Kausani is an ideal place to stay and it provides panoramic views of the mountains.

 Almora Ranikhet Kausani



KMOU Bus Station Mall Road
KMOU Bus Station Dharanaula
Uttarakhand Roadways Bus Station Dharanaula
ISBT Almora Laxmeshwer Lower Mall Road.
Kathgodam is the nearest railway station to Almora
Pantnagar Airport, located in Pantnagar is the primary Airport serving entire Kumaon Region. Indira Gandhi International Airport, located in Delhi is the nearest international Airport.

Kathgodam railway station is the nearest railway station. Kathgodam is the last terminus of the broad gauge line of North East Railways that connects Kumaon with Delhi, Dehradun and Howrah.

Almora is well connected by motorable roads with major destinations of Uttarakhand state and northern India. Uttarakhand Transport Corporation runs Buses from Almora bus station to Delhi and Dehradun.

Taxis and Private Buses, mostly run by K.M.O.U, connect Almora to other major destinations of Kumaon region. Government of Uttarakhand is constructing an ISBT near lower mall road


It’s Ranikhet is a hill station in Uttarakhand State, northern India. It’s known for its views of the Himalayas. Hundreds of bells adorn Jhula Devi Temple, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga.

Fruit trees grow on the terraced orchards of Chaubatia Gardens, with views of peaks including Nanda Devi. Mahatma Gandhi stayed in a hut, Gandhi Kuti, in nearby Tarikhet village during the independence struggle.

Long ago there was a queen named, Rani Padmini who fell in love with the green glades and small hill in the area, and that was the reason that her spouse king Raja Sukherdev constructed an impressive place and named it Ranikhet.

The term Ranikhet stands for the Queen’s meadow. It is one of the charming and pleasing destinations in Uttarakhand state, drawing people from all corner of the globe.

Almora Ranikhet Kausani

In the past, British also made this place as an encampment for their military. It offers a marvelous view to the visitors of Western Himalayas and a wonderful view of Nanda Devi temple. The area is still a cantonment of soldiers. Almora Ranikhet Kausani Hill Station Beautiful Places.

Ranikhet is mostly famous for its two most revered shrines, Jhoola Devi and Kala Devi Ka mandir. The temple of Jhoola Devi was built around 400 years ago devoting to the local Goddess.

It is believed that local deity saved several life’s of people from the man eating tigers. Where the Kala Devi Ka mandir considered to be constructed 5000 years back. The place is naturally decorated with dense pine and oak tress, which makes it an ideal place for sightseers and nature lovers.

The pleasing weather of Ranikhet stays well around the year. This hilly resort combines Alpine type of atmosphere. The summer’s hotness keeps itself far from extreme and continues from April to June.

People can easily reach Ranikhet, the closest airways is at Pantnagar, where in Kathgodam is nearest railway station. You can also travel by road; the town is well joined with other regions such as Nainital, Almora and Ramnagar.

Ranikhet Tourist Place:

There are many tourists’ attractions in Ranikhet including Chaubatia, Upat, Bhalu Dam, Majhkhali, tarikhet and many more among others. Visitors across the country make trips to Ranikhet and experience such wonderful places. Chaubatia is famous for meetings of four roads, located at a distance of 10 kilometer south of Ranikhet.

Upat is the great place for golf lovers who visit here to play golf, situated on Almora road and 6 kilo meter from Sadar Bazar. Bhalu Dam is a lake on the Koshi rive but unoriginal.


Almora Ranikhet Kausani Kasar Devi Temple
Almora has many notable temples, including Kasar Devi, Nanda Devi, Doli Daana, Shyayi Devi, Khakmara, Asht Bhairav, Jakhandevi, Katarmal (Sun Temple),

Pataal Devi, Raghunath Mandir, Badreshwar, Banari Devi, Chitai, Jageshwar, Binsar Mahadev, Garhnath and Baijnath.

Kasar Devi temple was visited by Swami Vivekananda and this area has a Chabad House.

Rudreshwar Mahadev Temple, near Sanara Ganiya, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is beside the river Ram Ganga. A sun temple (only the second in the world) is at Katarmal, a short distance from the town.

The famous temple of Manila Devi, Devi Maa, the family goddess of the Katyuri clan, lies around 85 km from Ranikhet. Udaipur a famous temple of Golu devta is 5 km. from Binta near Dwarahat.

Dunagiri has the highly revered temple of Shakti or Mother Goddess. Dunagiri is known as the birthplace of modern-day Kriya Yoga. There is a very famous and notable temple in Almora district which is in the village of Chaura near Bhaisor Gaun, Someshwar.

Pandu Kholi is another famous and ancient temple in Almora district. According to Hindu mythology Pandvas spent some time here to escape from Duryodhana.

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